The annual Rector’s Challenge Trophy (RCT), inter-intake football extravaganza, was held on September 16th and 17th 2023. It was organised by Intake 38 Quantity Surveying undergraduates. This was the fifth RCT since the event’s start in 2017. With an impressive lineup of food stalls, a live concert, and a DJ night, it was an event that promised a seamless blend of sports and entertainment. Major General LCR Jayasooriya Rsp ndc Psc, the Rector of the Southern Campus, attended the occasion as the chief guest along with the Principal of the Sooriyawewa National School. Four teams participated in this tournament with  Intake 38 being the champions. The Football Tournament was held in the Sooriyawewa National School Grounds whilst the closing ceremony was held at the Southern Campus. Adding a twist to the RCT proceedings was a concert with the band being the undergraduates. The combination of music, crowd’s enthusiasm, and the overarching spirit of the match turned the air electric.

As the Concert ended the night was far from over. The colorful spotlights took over, setting the scene for the DJ night. The pulsating beats and rhythmic lights transformed the venue into a dance floor. Fans, regardless of which team they supported, came together, dancing and celebrating the spirit of the evening. This was topped off by a magnificent fireworks display.

This event wasn’t just about the adrenaline rush of the football match but was a comprehensive experience that catered to all senses. The fusion of sports, food, music, and dance elevated the evening into a holistic extravaganza, etching it as a night to remember for all attendees.