Welcome to the Department of Quantity Surveying

We, the Department of Quantity Surveying conduct the undergraduate degree programme for Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Quantity Surveying by four years in full time period. The programme consists of class room sessions, site visits, industrial training including research culture etc.

In addition to the academics, the resource persons are outsourced from Department of Architecture, Department of Spatial Sciences, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Language and visiting lecturers from other Universities and experts who are in the industry practices.


The degree holders are competent enough to be employed in the industry (local and foreign) in management category and in the advisory capacity as Quantity Surveyors, Commercial Managers, Contract Managers, Project Managers, Claim and Dispute Managers and Adjudicator/Arbitrator with the opportunities available for the academic careers as well. The career development paths can be achieved when embarked on higher studies for Masters and PhDs as well as by obtaining the professional memberships from the respective world recognized professional institutions.