Exploring Creative and Innovative Building and Construction Technologies Towards a SustainableBuilt Environment

We are in the 21st century and there is a pressing need to adopt sustainable technologies for a more livable and resilient society. Various global challenges such as increasing population, climate change, food security, enhancing health and social security benefits have all to be faced in the future. Human induced activities have become a main topic to discuss all over the world in terms of its impact on global warming, environment, thermal comfort, probable health issues and energy demand. Higher building densities in present urbanities contribute to these global issues throughout their life cycle. Buildings have to play a significant role in order to mitigate high greenhouse gas emission and to avoid high energy usage.

Recent mounting concern for environmental issues triggered by buildings has made people think on how building related technologies and strategies can respond more sustainably to the environment once again. It is time professionals to step in, as they have a bigger role to play in decision making, to take initiatives, to make a difference in creating spaces, constructing buildings to shape the urbanities in to a more sustainable and livable urban environment. In this context, it is necessary that academia and the research community of the country to get together to analyze suitable plans and strategies to facilitate sustainability to achieve sustainable growth and climate resilience. The Student Research Symposium 2023, aims to provide the students who are the future professionals of built environment, a platform to show case their innovative ideas and to foster research activity and participation of students, whilst also encouraging them to contribute to achieve sustainable development.