Our Mission

To educate surveying professionals to meet the societal and modern technological challenges through creation and dissemination, knowledge and technology and the development provisions at innovative solutions. 

Graduate Profile

To produce graduate who has a sound knowledge and competency in geo-measurement capturing, processing, interpretation, analysis and presentation of terrestrial, oceanic, airborne and spaceborne geo-spatial data for scientific and professional needs in sustainable, rational, innovative and creative manner as professionals as well as responsible and accountable citizens.

Programme Outcomes

  • Apply relevant concepts of Spatial Sciences to solve problems and analyse data relating to geospatial applications.
  • Determine appropriate technologies for data capturing, analysing, modeling and problem solving within a framework of time and financial constraints.
  • Perform and maintain the ethics and standards of geospatial applications and systems on account of the logical rational and legal aspects.
  • Illustrate responsibilities and self-learning skills through critical reflection with a view to being proactive individually and within a group.
  • Apply the knowledge of mathematics, statistics and Information Technology for data analysis and problem solving.
  • Utilise the scientific and technical documentations through efficient and effective verbal or written communication methods.
  • Apply knowledge critically and creatively to generate innovative and optimal solutions.