Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Quantity Surveying

Total number of Credits for Days Scholar Scheme is 159 which includes 133 Credits from Grade Point Average (GPA) Course Units, 9 Credits from GPA Electives Course Units and 17 Credits from Non-GPA Course Units for Four (4) years academic programme. Additionally, 35 Credits from Military Grade Point Average (MGPA) Course Units are to be covered up by Officer Cadets.

15 hours of teaching and/or 45 hours of studio work/ course work/ project work/ group project work/ field work/ supervised research work is calculated as one (1) Credit.

Entry Requirement

  • Be between 17-30 years of age.
  • Have completed GCE (A/L examination during the past three consecutive years or London A/L examination (Cambridge or Edexcel) or any other equivalent foreign examination.
  • Have a minimum of three Simple (S) passes at the GCE (A/L) examination in the maths stream and be qualified for university admission, or possess an equivalent qualification in London A/L (Cambridge or Edexcel) or in any other equivalent foreign examination.
  • Have a credit (C) pass or above for English Language at GCE (O/L) examination a credit (C) pass or above for English Language in London O/Ls or in any other equivalent foreign examination.
  • Candidate who apply with High School Diploma should have passed SAT and TOFEL with a minimum score of 79 or IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.
  • The applicants who apply under the category of “any other foreign examination or equivalent qualifications in University Entrance Examinations in any other country” are advise to have relevant minimum qualification at any other foreign examination that is equal to Sri Lanka GCE A/L. Validation should be obtained from the Department of Examination of Sri Lanka. It is also required to submit a letter from a recognized university/academy/higher educational institutions of the country from which he/she has achieved his/her qualifications certifying that the relevant qualification is sufficient to register in that university / academy / higher educational institution to follow an undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.