Our Vision

To investigate the timeless verities that underlie changing technologies and shifting architectural paradigms in order to help forge rich bonds between people and places, facilitating the creation of a built environment that shelters humankind’s dreams and aspirations.

Our Mission

To orchestrate the convergence of global skills, technologies, ideologies, material and transnational locally, in order to produce architectural professionals who could integrate and transcend national aspirations.

Graduate Profile

Prepare students to be proficient Architects and competent academic personalities.
Prepare students for the challenges and demands of professional practice with capabilities to play leadership and collaborative roles in multidisciplinary environments in the industry. The endeavour of the degree programme is to produce a creative architect who is talented in the subject and is sensitive to the society and environment.
The degree programme features a rigorous design-oriented curriculum with a solid foundation in technology, environment, history, society and culture, and research and communication.

Year Goals

Year 1
To conceive architecture as liveable sculptures

Year 2
Extension and contextualisation

Year 3
Actualising the concept

Year 4
The genesis of prototypical architecture through innovation

Year 5
Holism: From theory to practice